Jo Beach is a Multi-Award Winning British Entrepreneur, Product Designer, Brand Owner and Businesswoman. 

Founder and CEO of ART.

ART: Advanced Retail Technology is a British company headquartered in Brighton, East Sussex that designs and develops technology-driven smart stores, management software and online services. 

Through its stores ART is a symbiotic eco-system created to design, develop, market, distribute and retail lifestyle consumer brands leveraging technology and entertainment to do so.

ART supplies its stores and licenses its management software to schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, hotels, health clubs, airports, cruise+ferry lines and the workplace.  

ART: designing, building and defining the future of offline and online retail technology.


As an innovator who creates and launches lifestyle concepts which are then distributed and retailed internationally Jo is regularly invited to speak and advise on emerging lifestyle trends and technology-based advancements within the retail sector.

A particular interest of Jo's is emerging technologies which enable brand owners to leverage entertainment and social interaction as a way in which to engage directly with their consumers - both of which she believes will ultimately and forever alter the way in which consumers shop. 

Her passion is innovation: innovation and the ability to embrace it at speed, is, in Jo's opinion crucial. Such is her passion that Jo consults for some of the world's most well-known corporations on strategic innovation, new product development and the future landscape of advanced retail technology. 

On a free-of-charge basis Jo also provides help to some very small but amazing new companies and young entrepreneurs: from innovating new concepts (which were turned down by manufacturers to then go on and retail in 13 countries) to designing packaging to stacking pallets there is not much when it comes to taking an idea from concept to shelf that Jo has not had to do herself (donning a hairnet and a pair of clogs for factory floor visits is now a considerable forte of hers)!

Jo is also the grateful recipient of 16 International Awards for Business, Design, Concept & Innovation in recognition of her work including winning the stellar European Woman of Achievement Awards Female Entrepreneur of the Year and the Orange (now known as EE) Female Entrepreneur of the Year

The multi-award winning health+fitness brand Tasty Little Numbers was also created by Jo.

As a huge fan of eating what she likes with carefully applied portion-control rather than dieting to manage her weight, she wanted to create something that made it a little more simple to do so.

The result was to Take The Messin' Outta Guessin' with 100+200 calorie snacks, confectionery, ready meals and soups! Tasty Little Numbers is quite literally tasty food in smaller portions and is for people who love life & real food (like her!) & want to watch how much they eat but think that life is too short to tot up odd numbers of calories (like her!) & eat diet food!

Tasty Little Numbers is the first & only worldwide cross-category, multi-channel, portion-controlled food brand where everything in the range is made to whole numbers of calories.

In addition, Jo has been a judge on the panel of the annual The Grocer New Product of the Year Awards and The Grocer Own Label Food and Drink Awards for the past 4 years and she also guest presents lifestyle solutions on the quite incredible broadcast retail platform QVC.