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Hey there... this is my personal site and it's in the process of being redesigned but in the meantime here is a little info about me and what I do.

Executive Chairman of NETWORK BRAND GROUP

NETWORK represents & manages the innovation, creation, design, marketing & distribution of a portfolio of lifestyle concepts & award-winning multi-channel consumer brands retailed within the UK, USA & the UAE; all of which are created to connect to consumers through community, technology, fashion, art & entertainment. The focus is very simple, each concept, whether it is to be eaten, used, applied, worn or viewed has to be fun, functional & coveted. The NETWORK business model is focused on organic brand creation, existing brand extension, brand licensing, brand investment, joint ventures & accretive acquisitions. Collectively we have worked for & with great brands including but not limited to Apple, Coca Cola, Virgin, Jamie Oliver, Nivea, Laura Ashley, BSkyB, Mr Men, Richemont, Noddy, The Smurfs, Reebok & Nike. 

CREATOR of ORDERBUDDY.COM | Launching AW15 is a technology-driven lifestyle B2B ecommerce distribution platform created for brand owners, manufacturers, agents & brokers. sources & e-tails the hottest & coolest lifestyle food, health, wellness, beauty & workplace kit & kaboodle brands to businesses. 

Tasty Little Numbers is the world's first & only cross-category brand with #BuiltInPortionControl! All of the foods in the range are made to whole numbers of calories from 100 - 300. Created to 'Take the Messin' Outta Guessin'! & retailed in the UK, USA & the UAE. #AWESUM non-food gadgets coming soon!


I am fortunate enough to be the recipient of 16 International Awards for Business, Design, Concept & Innovation including 2 for Tasty Little Numbers. I have been a judge on the panel of the annual The Grocer New Product of the Year Awards for the past 3 years. As an entrepreneur who has created product concepts, brands & companies from scratch I am regularly invited to speak on emerging lifestyle trends and I advise some of the world's most well-known corporations on strategic innovation - without innovation and the constant embrace of it there can be no growth. I also guest present on the quite incredible broadcast retail platform QVC.

Within my new site I'm adding a virtual gallery created to host work from yet-to-be discovered visual artists in all fields...  no charge, just a free space for creative mavericks! If that's you I'd love to hear from you, simply submit your info and a link to your work using the contact link below. You can also use the link to simply say hello.